Hi! I'm

< Garrett Morse />

What I'm Doing

The Ohio State University

B.S. Computer Science, Spring '21

Columbus, OH

Ohio State challenges me in many ways and offers unprecedented diversity of opportunity. The experiences that I've been blessed with thus far have been a result of excellent instructors, long nights, and supportive peers. With about 3 years at this school under my belt, I've learned that you can't take anything for granted because it'll be gone before you know it. During my freshman year, I was handed the burden of starting a new chapter of a fraternity, and while it has proven to be no easy task, the rewards that I've reaped as a result of my hard work have been immense.

Ohio State continues to surprise me in how it pushes me to pursue growth, create a love of learning, and develop life-lasting relationships.

What I've Done

JPMorgan Chase

Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2020

Columbus, OH

The past summer as a software engineering intern at JPMorgan Chase was an incredible opportunity. I had the privilege of working on a small team to develop a technical solution for a nonprofit aligned with JPMorgan Chase. We developed a webapp that provided the nonprofit administrators with the ability to conduct their programs much more efficiently. Our tool allowed them to signiciantly boost their outreach and communication to their target audience. I was entirely responsible for developing the frontend, written in TypeScript with React framework. The app was served on a Python Flask backend and used a MongoDB cloud cluster (I think it's called Atlas!) for storage. I also had the opportunity to work intimately with some of JPMC's internal web frameworks and data visualization tools (services closest to Apache Kafka and Finos Perspective).

I am very grateful to have spent the summer with JPMorgan Chase and I'm looking forward to applying the experience gained in other professional capacities.

Hack OHI/O 2019

Best New to Hack, Fall 2019

Columbus, OH

Hosted by OSU's Hack OHI/O Club, I developed a project with Microsoft's Azure Services, specifically working with the Computer Vision suite. I was responsible for backend functionality, as well as integration with express between our React Native frontend and our Node.js backend, a timeless combo. We used Azure's Image Tagging service to populate our database with image data (in this case, clothing), and then used our own recommendation algorithm to give the user a recommended outfit to wear for the day, depending on weather and formality. We won Best New to Hack, since it was our entire team's first Hack OHI/O Hackathon, as well as half of our team never participating in any programming event before.


Hackathon Runner-Up, Spring 2019

Columbus, OH

Hosted by OSU's AI Club, my team implemented a project with this Tinder API. You can begin to see where this is going. We used Azure's Image Tagging service to populate a database with facial data and then queried our db to effectively "search" Tinder by resubmitting tagged data to Azure, where it would compare images. We won Most Creative Hack, as well as securing 2nd place across the entire Hackathon.

OSU Clinical Neuroscience Lab

Backend Developer, Winter 2018 - Summer 2019

Columbus, OH

The lead developer, my roommate, introduced me to Dr. Ruchika Prakash, who was looking to expand her 5-year research study regarding the impact of mindfulness on aging seniors. Her development team already established a working foundation to kickstart the study, but they needed help implementing scalability into the project. I developed back-end functionality for user self-enroll and an enhanced testing suite that will allow Dr. Prakash's study to grow to new heights.